10 Things To Do When You Encounter a Tiger

tiger encounter on bike in India

Tiger is the most efficient predator on the planet, to call him the most ferocious killing machine will not be wrong. They are capable of taking down large prey like deer, wild pigs, and even water buffaloes. There are records of a tiger bringing down elephants. Our founder Sharad Vats personally witnessed a tiger taking on elephants in Dudhwa National Park on a cold December evening.  All this goes to prove that when a tiger decides to attack he does it more objectively, strategically, and never blindly.

Humans are not their natural prey, but there have been records when tigers either have accidentally preyed on humans, or they did that in unnatural circumstances like being injured, or old age, or a sudden perception of threat.

When a tiger attacks a human, it can be a terrifying experience. Bengal Tigers are incredibly strong and can easily overpower a human. They have powerful jaws and sharp canines that can cause serious injury or death. In addition, tigers are fast and agile, making it difficult for humans to escape.

Having said all the above, tigers live in the same forest where the forest guards patrol on foot. So if tigers were maneaters then our forest guards would never have felt safe while patrolling the length and breadth of our forests. Tigers are generally shy and will try to avoid human contact whenever possible.


tiger encounter on bike in India


Encountering a tiger on foot in the wild can be a thrilling and terrifying experience at the same time. These majestic creatures are powerful predators and should be treated with respect and caution. If you find yourself face to face with a tiger, here are 10 things you should do to stay safe when you encounter a tiger in the wild.


Things to do when you encounter a tiger in the wild

  1. Stay Calm

    The first thing you should do when encountering a tiger on foot is to stay calm. It is understandable to feel scared and anxious, but making sudden movements or panicking may trigger the tiger’s hunting instincts. Take deep breaths and try to keep your cool.

  2. Maintain Eye Contact

    Keep staring directly at the tiger. This will let the tiger know that you are alert to its presence yet unafraid of it. Try not to make any jerky movements that might cause a break in eye contact.

  3. Slowly Back Away

    Back away from the tiger gently. Turning your back on the tiger may make you look vulnerable. Continue to face the tiger and gently back away, giving it plenty of room.

  4. Make Noise

    If the foregoing fails and the tiger seems to be about to charge, try making a loud noise. To look scarier, yell, clap your hands, or make any other loud noise you can think of. The commotion may surprise the tiger, causing it to flee.

  5. Look Big

    Make yourself look big. Raise your arms above your head to make yourself appear larger and more intimidating. This may cause the tiger to think twice before attacking.

  6. Use Deterrents

    Use deterrents. If you have any deterrents like pepper spray, bear spray, a loud horn, or any stick/box use them. These deterrents can be effective in scaring off the tiger.

  7. Do Not Approach

    Avoid approaching the tiger. Do not try to get closer to it as this may be perceived as a threat. Keep your distance and give it plenty of space.

  8. Do Not Corner the Tiger

    Avoid cornering the tiger. Give it an escape route and avoid blocking its way. Cornering the tiger may make it feel trapped and increase the likelihood of an attack.

  9. Keep Children Close

    Keep children close to you. Do not let them run around or make loud noises. Keep them within your sight at all times.

  10. Seek Help

    Consult with local authorities, park rangers, or wildlife officials for assistance. After you are at a safe distance from the tiger, notify the appropriate authorities. They will be able to take the essential precautions to guarantee both human and tiger safety.

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tiger encounter with 2 people in India


In conclusion, human-tiger contact may be harmful, although they are exceedingly infrequent. But, by following these ten guidelines, you may improve your chances of remaining safe and averting an assault. Remember to always respect the tiger’s territory and, if possible, avoid any interaction with it. Tigers are amazing animals who deserve our respect and protection.

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