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It is important to know about the various important points before you head for your journey to any of the National Parks or destinations across India. So, here is the list of some Dos and Donts to be followed on Tiger Safari in India :

We are hopeful that the world will land on its feet soon, the wheels are already in motion for vaccination across the globe.

A trip into wilderness areas is an exercise in understanding our own history on the planet, for what life forms we see are much older than us and yet live side by side with us, drawing on the same energies in order to subsist. A time such as now is to get back in touch with the natural world, and fill the blanks and understand what forces help us sustain life on this planet for future generations.

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Sharad Vats

Founder - Director

Nature Safari India Pvt. Ltd.

When I first started Tiger Safari, there was a different vision for Indian Tourism in mind. The integration of conservation along with experiential journeys, paved the way for our maxim- ‘Conservation through Tourism’. I saw my first tiger in the year 1990. At the time, I was merely 22, but little did I know that the one sighting would propel me to devote my entire life to the realm of wildlife.

As time passed by, in the year 2005, our objective as an organisation was focused on bringing lesser known National Parks into the spotlight, aiding the local community to benefit through the advent of tourism. This successively encouraged small scale lodges to boost employment while simultaneously assisting the local community by providing them alternative livelihoods. We were thus bestowed as one of the Best Wildlife Tour Operators in India, by BBC Travel.

However, a year later was the turning point for us. We took up the challenge of creating an eco-friendly lodge which came to be known as Chitvan Jungle Lodge. Spread over 14 acres of farm land, it was the perfect sanctum as it shared a boundary with the dense wilderness of Kanha National Park. A few years later, as we carried the Chitvan legacy forward, Tiger Safari became associated with two Non Profit organizations, one of which is the well-known Waste Warriors of Corbett National Park.

Our ceaseless responsibility towards the wilderness of India, along with our commitment to give back to nature was never a second thought duty. Creating a ripple effect for the local community by crafting memorable journeys for our guests, is at the forefront of our mission. Hence, every time a guest books with us, the local community benefits to large a degree..

About the team

With more than three decades of wholesome experiential safaris in the jungles of India, Sharad heads a passionate team that works synergistically to ensure that our guests have an unforgettable experience during their tour. They know the logistics and are adept with the flora and fauna and are equally acquainted with qualified guides and jeep drivers. The team assures that the tour is as seamless as possible.

At Tiger Safari, it is through their relentless effort that dream holidays manifest into reality. With commitment and integrity coursing through their veins, they ensure that customised itineraries for the guests concerned are nothing short of a dream come true. We are pleased to say that because of them, our Guest Loyalty Index has increased manifold, over the last 30 years. All of this and more could not have been possible without their inexorable work ethic, to curate memorable experiences for those who journey with us. 

The authenticity of our tiger safari tour experiences can be read via our guest reviews. You can browse through all testimonials or visit our trip advisor page for their detailed account. Be a part of some enthralling wildlife experiences and browse through a set of tiger safari tour packages curated just for you!


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