Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The best time to take on a tiger safari adventure is March-May. Though wildlife sightings are good from November till June, they improve considerably in March till May. As the temperatures rise during the day, Tigers and other predators prefer to lounge in the shade and closer to water holes while hunting. The necessity for frequent access to water curtails their wandering in the hot season, when pools are few and far in between. Hence in these months, the duration and frequency of sightings of all wildlife, especially Tigers, increases manifold.

However, sightings have been good in the winter months (Dec – Feb) too and occasionally one gets to see these big cats walking on the road ahead of the safari vehicle.

We are equipped with both, short to extended itineraries to assist you. Through our guests and our own experience, we would recommend a minimum of 06 nights for tiger safaris in jungles to increase one’s chances of spotting the Tiger. These 06 nights could be split between two closely located parks or could be spent at one park with Tigers and other wildlife. We’ve had guests explore India for over a month at a time, going through several national parks seeing the richness of our biodiversity, and seeing some cultural sites of interest.

Our itineraries are never set in stone. You can definitely customize them based on the number of days you wish to travel, number of people you wish to travel with, if there is a specific species you wish to see on your safari, a particular national park, your budget and even hotel preferences (whether small boutique or grand luxury hotels). We ensure that your requests and choices are kept at the highest pedestal at all times.

The chances always remain at 50% : Either you see them or you don’t. However, the number of continuous drives that one does increases the chances of a sighting. We recommend at least 06 drives. However, we must tell you that no guest of ours in the last 20 years has gone back without seeing at least one Tiger.

You could but we do not recommend it. We only book exclusive safaris for our guests. This means that at all times inside the park, you will be accompanied by a driver/naturalist and a guide. Sharing safaris are avoidable as you never know what expectations or interests the other guests have. They might want to spend time watching birds while you are solely interested in Tigers. Such conflicts do arise when sharing a jeep with strangers. We therefore only recommend booking exclusive safaris.

All kinds of cameras, other than documentary/cine cameras, are permitted inside the national parks. The latter require special permissions with a hefty fee. Please also note that drones aren’t allowed within the national park or its neighbouring residential areas. 

The weather in these national parks varies with varying months. If you’re travelling between the months of October to November, the weather is pleasant ranging from 12-30 degrees Celsius. However, if you plan on taking a tiger tour between the months of March and June, temperatures start to rise and reach a maximum of 45 degrees Celsius. Post June, these parks experience heavy monsoon and thereby remain closed till October.

It is a mandatory rule for a guide to assist you during all safari excursions to the park. They are highly experienced, skilled and aware of sighting spots for Tigers.

There is always a risk when you are in the bush and sighting wild game. However, Tiger Safari recommends only those safari lodges that employ knowledgeable and professional guides and trackers. Your safety is everyone’s highest priority at all times and you can rest assured that your guide and tracker are of the highest caliber.

Yes, we have! Each of our travel consultants ventures to their specialized destinations at least once per year. They encounter the luxury, style, activities, food, service, and the overall experience as if they were a client. Properties who pass our strict standards during such an audit make the list. If you are interested in a property that is not on our list of suggested properties, just ask.

Of course. That’s what separates Tiger Safari from the other tour operators – you create your own special itinerary based on your style, desires, taste, and budget.