Tips on How to choose a Tour Operator in India?

how to choose tour operator in india

Today we are discussing the “Best Tips on How to choose a Tour Operator in India“. Traveling to new places is one of the most enriching life experiences one can have. Getting to witness the culture, food, people, national parks, and wildlife is a life-changing experience. A tour operator organizes and combines accommodation to stay at the destination, meals, sightseeing, and transportation component to create a tour package that is more convenient and feasible for the person visiting that destination.

Before choosing a tour operator in India there are few important things like Travel industry experience, reviews on TripAdvisor, Google reviews, guest testimonials, and many more points which you should consider before taking their services. For foreign nationals choosing the right travel operator in India could sometimes be difficult as there is uncertainty about the quality of services offered.


How to choose the best tour operator in India?

Here is the latest guide on a list of parameters based on which a travel operator can be selected for taking services and getting the best value for money. The focus of this blog is to help you choose a tour operator to handle your travel planning.


1. Travel Industry Experience

There is no substitute for a tour operator who is experienced in the field of travel and has been around for many years. It is an important parameter for choosing a travel operator as they work with the best hotels and lodges, transport agencies, guides, drivers, and the best activities nearby. They perfectly understand the needs of the tourist and suggest to them the best deals because of destination knowledge gained through years of operation. The communication you have before your travel should give you a sense of how well informed your tour operator is about the business.

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2. Certified Business

No tourist wants their hard-earned money to be coned out by some fake company hence the tour operator needs to register their business and get certified by various government bodies. This certification helps in establishing trust amongst the customers and service providers that the business is operated with sound management that looks to the future and not merely at today. A trusted tour operator is recognized by the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India as they adhere to the tenets of the Code of Conduct for “Safe & Honourable Tourism”. There are also certain pre-requisites for getting recognition.

Being a member of the institutions like Indian association for Tour Operators (IATO), the American Society of Travel Advisors (ASTA), and Travel Operators for Tigers (TOFT) helps in further establishment of trust amongst the tourist.


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3. Local tour operators

While choosing a tour operator for the arrangement of vacations always look for a tour operator based locally in the destination. A local tour operator will know so much about the activities you intend to take part in, and how best you can enjoy your vacation in the available budget. A local tour operator is aware of the local laws and regulations.

It is their responsibility to educate foreign nationals about various cultures, beliefs, and other unspoken rules. Using a tour operator based in the location is also pocket-friendly for the tourist.


4. Passionate operators

As the tourist communicates with the tour operators they learn about the company and exchange emails they figure out that the people love what they do. A tourist should look at operators who are passionate about the work, professional, looking to cater to every need, and clear on what is included in the tour package and what’s not. The first impression is really important as how the tour operator responds in the initial phase of communication. If they are fast in responding and friendly then there perfect to book your holidays.


5. Safe payment

A tour operator should use safe payment methods to receive deposits from the guest. They should use channels like bank transfers to receive money.


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As there may be some complications while using unsafe methods which may hold the amount in the middle creating a lot of trouble and a bad impression. They must be aware of various banking rules and regulations and communicate the same to the guest in case of any refund or discrepancy.


6. Little research

Every tourist should do a little research on the tour operator. Today there are many trusted online platforms like TripAdvisor, Google reviews, and many more which further increases the credibility of the operator in the eyes of the tourist. Read the reviews and ratings provided by various tourists. Always search for any reference in your home country if available and ask them about the whole experience of visiting the destination with the tour operator. Read our testimonials and reviews here.



Any tour operator excelling in these parameters helps you choose the best tour operator in India. They would be effective in communicating what’s the best time to visit to maximize the overall experience during the stay and sightseeing. It is also important to book in advance as this would buy time for the tour operator to plan as per the availability.

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