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Panna National

Madhya pradesh

About Panna National Park

Termed as the ‘Emerald Forest’, Panna National Park is nestled in the Vindhya Range and extends over the Panna and Chhatarpur districts in the northern reaches of the state of Madhya Pradesh. It is one of the most important protected areas in the north-central highlands of India, located adjoining the banks of the Ken River.

Encompassing deep ravines, cascading waterfalls and thick teak forests, it is no surprise Panna National Park is amongst the most beautiful protected areas in the country. With its predominant plateau, sprawling grasslands interspersed by hills, deep valleys and gorges, the landscape here is largely rocky and undulating..

Panna National Park is also known for creating conservation history in India. In the recent past, all the Tigers of Panna National Park were poached. It was after a concentrated effort from the forest department of Madhya Pradesh who helped in the translocation of 3 tigers from differentNational Parks. This project was so successful that Panna now exhibits more than 50 Tigers.

Panna being one of the smaller parks of Central India, has one central tourism area with two different gates, Hinouta and Madla. Madla is where hiring guides and vehicles is far easier. Animal distribution too in this area is relatively high. Hinouta on the other hand exhibits a terrain that is predominantly rocky and dry with sightings of big cats including the Tiger and Leopard, while the Sloth bear can also be spotted here. The River Ken is the popular to seek all kinds of animals. Birds and Marsh Crocodiles particularly thrive here. Reptiles too are abundant in these parts.

The Ken river which flows through the park, is an important water source to the inhabitants of the park, plus a population of Crocodiles that too inhabit this pristine habitat. Apart from Tigers, Panna has very good sightings of Leopards, Sloth Bears and Striped Hyena. The park is also famous for its vulture population that have taken refuge in the gorges of the park.

Apart from this, Panna National Park is blessed with remarkable diversity of herbivore, such as the Blue Bull, Spotted Deer, Chinkara, Sambar, Barking Deer and Wild Pig.

The rich medley of avifauna seen here makes it one of the bestbird watching destinations in India. Birds such as the Asian Paradise Flycatcher, Scarlet Minivet, Sirkeer Malkoha, Oriental Honey Buzzard, Black Stork, Painted Sangrouse, Great Thicknee, Bar-Headed Goose, Red Headed Vulture, Plum-Headed Parakeet, Crested Hawk-Eagle, Indian Vulture apart from many others that form the highlights of this enthralling habitat.

Ken River too offers a major attraction for water fowl species as during the winter, congregations of migratory birds make this place an exciting prospect for avid bird watchers.

Tiger Tours in Panna National Park

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The fifth national park in Madhya Pradesh and the 22nd overall tiger reserve in India is Panna National Park, which is situated in the Panna and Chattarpur district. Panna Reserve, which has a total area of 542.67 sq km, can be found in the Madhya Pradesh state of central India, 57 miles from the world heritage site of Khajuraho. The Panna Tiger Reserve was recognised as one of India’s best managed and maintained national parks by the Indian Ministry of Tourism, earning it an Award of Excellence in 2007.

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We are grateful for the efforts of Mr. R. Shreenivasa Murthy, a local forest officer, who worked with his team to make Panna Park the best-managed and developed park in the area.

The reserve area’s environment in the tropical region of Panna is occasionally very nice and other times very hot throughout the summer, but after a lot of rain, the area is once again rich with flora to enhance the ambiance.

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Royal Bengal Tiger

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Axis Deer

Top Species in panna National Park


Indian Leopard

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Marsh Crocodile

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Sloth bear

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