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Satpura National

Madhya pradesh

About Satpura National Park

The wilderness of the Satpura National Park is remarkably alluring. In the mid-1800s Captain James Forsyth, an officer in the Bengal Lancers, shared a complete anthology of this area in his book titled ‘The Highlands of Central India’ as he navigated this magnificently biodiverse landscape via horseback. Sprawling over montane mixed deciduous forests, with countless intertwining streams, Satpura National Park is by far the largest Tiger reserve of Madhya Pradesh, covering a staggering area of 2100 sq km.

It is this geological amalgamation that makes it one of the best regions in Central India to exhibit a plethora of avian diversity with the likes of Malabar Pied Hornbills, Eurasian Wryneck, Sirkeer Malkoha, Scarlet Minivet, Indian Eagle Owl, Black Crowned Night Herons, Bar Headed Geese, Painted Snipe, Crested Hawk Eagle and more. Wildlife such as the Leopard, Sloth Bear, Wild Dog, Indian Giant Squirrel and the Bengal Tiger are the major attraction for visitors of Satpura National Park.

Along with regular jeep safaris, one can also engage in boat safaris and canoe safaris. It is also one of the few parks in India that allows walking safaris within the Core zone of Satpura National Park. Camping along the Denwa river in the buffer area is also encouraged (an experience which lasts for 2 nights, 3 days) The boat safaris here can be done until March as the water levels of the river starts to recede post that period. Should you wish to stay inside Satpura National Park, you can spend a night in Churna Camp and get a feel of experiencing the heart of a forest. With such opportunities at one’s disposal, Satpura National Park offers a myriad of activities which is the biggest attraction of this place when compared to other parks.

 It encapsulates the complete wilderness experience unlike any other. The highest point of the Highlands known as Dhoopgarh, is just about 2-hour drive from the national park in Pachmarhi Sanctuary, which falls under military jurisdiction. The Bison Lodge constructed under Captain Forsyth has now been converted into an interpretation Centre here.

Pachmarhi also includes as zone known as Panaarpaani (a recently opened gate) which has much to offer. Nestled within the Mahadeo Hills of the Pachmarhi Biosphere, verdant and dense as it is packed with an abundance of fruiting trees and medicinal plants, attracting a broad range of birds, butterflies, and even Giant Squirrels and Sloth Bears. 

Apart from Panarpani, the park has Madhai as the pivotal core zone of Satpura National Park, which encompasses a highly diverse landscape. Navigating this park via jeep, walks or by canoe instils a sense of tranquility as you experience undulating basalt and sandstone dotted hills, meadows teeming with herds of deer, wild pigs, peafowl, and langurs and mixed forests with Giant squirrels who depend on the seasonal fruits.

With plenty of waterholes and the river Sonbadra flowing through the park, Satpura National Park is home to some extraordinary reptile life with species such as the Saw Scaled Viper, Russel’s Viper, Common Krait, Common Wolf Snake, Flapshell Turtle, Marsh Crocodiles and more. Read more about the National Parks of India onNature Safari Indiawebsite.

Tiger Tours in Satpura National Park

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Kanha Tiger Reserve, also known as Kanha National Park, is one of India’s tiger reserves and the biggest national park in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. The current Kanha region is split among the 250 and 300 km2 Hallon and Banjar sanctuaries. On June 1st, 1955, Kanha National Park was established, and in 1973 it became the Kanha Tiger Reserve. It now encompasses 940 km2 in the two districts of Mandla and Balaghat.


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The Royal Bengal tiger, Indian leopards, sloth bears, barasingha, and Indian wild dogs all have sizable populations in the park. This reserve’s jungles served as the inspiration for the woodland in Rudyard Kipling’s renowned book The Jungle Book.

It is also the first tiger reserve in India to officially introduce a mascot, “Bhoorsingh the Barasingha”.

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Royal Bengal Tiger

four horned antelope

four horned antelope

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axis deer

Top Species in Satpura National Park


Indian Leopard

golden jackal in kanha national park

Golden Jackal

black buck

black buck

Top Lodges & Resorts

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Samode Safari Lodge

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Taj Mahua Kothi

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Treehouse Hideaway

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