The Best Time of the year to do a Tiger Safari in India

Apart from thinking about the best national park for a tiger safari in India, another important question in the minds of anyone coming to India for Tiger Safaris is, “What is the best time of the year to do a Tiger Safari in India?”. So, to answer them all together, we have tried to pen down some of the basic questions on the same. For other details about various national parks in India, visit our pages on national parks here. You can also browse through a list of various travel guides here.

1. What is the best time of the year to do a Tiger Safari in India?

The best time of the year to do a Tiger Safari in India or for a jungle safari would be from November to June.

2. When do the National Parks close in India?

In India, 99% of the National Parks are closed during the Monsoon period – from July 1st to September 30th – owing to heavy rains.

3. Which is the best time of the year to see the Tiger?

A difficult question to answer as it’s always a matter of chance and of choice, but we’ll break it down for you :-


November – February(Winter) :

The jungles in India are absolutely gorgeous, it is as if one has stepped into an ethereal world. The beauty of this time of the year has to be seen to be believed and it is truly when the jungle has come alive.

Much dryer than during the monsoon period, the forests and grasslands yet have a dark green tinge as the underground water yet keeps the landscape so. Water is also available in natural brooks, streams and pools of water, and thus the Tiger may rest within the forest as it pleases.

However, the flipside is that the jungle is denser and it is rather difficult for the Tiger to move through trails easily and hence it takes to the safari tracks for long periods of time – thus providing magnificient views.

The cooler weather also changes the behavior of the Tiger from that in the summer : they are able to move around till the late morning and even begin to stir in the afternoons in order to hunt, mark territory, patrol, look for mates etc – things that we don’t usually observe in the summer due to the impediment of hot weather in India during the day.

The misty plains, golden light and beautiful colours of the Winter make it a favourite for visitors who appreciate Nature in its true glory!


March – June(Summer) :

Quite easily the most popular time of the year, as the undergrowth dries, leaves fall and the grasses shrink – revealing a more penetrative view of the terrain of these animals. One can see Tigers resting within the thickets in the shade and most importantly, one can see the animal in all its glory sit inside or around large waterholes which provide absolutely necessary relief for these giant cats.

They lose any inhibition of the surrounding audience, and spend time alone or for mothers, with their cubs playing or simply resting for long periods around these cornerstones.

A safari in the Indian summer is one filled with great expectation and the build up of herbivores themselves stationed around these areas as they sense the big cat approaching to claim its rightful thrown, is a wonderful sight to observe, thrilling too! If luck is on one’s side, an ambush attempt might just be around the corner!!

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