Tiger Photographic Safari

The most remarkable feature of Indian jungles teeming with animals is, that you may spend a full day and yet not see what you desire to see. There are reasons for this, one, the dense undergrowth, second, lot of animals are nocturnal in nature. And lastly, the camouflage given by nature is such that the animals might be very close to you but still go unnoticed. Leopards, Tigers, infact, all the predators are supreme in masking themselves intelligently. It is like, until they don’t want to be seen you will not see them. For e.g. a Tiger has yellow and black stripes, while yellow goes with the stems, black are the shadows in the jungle. Thus the Tiger is considered obliteratively coloured. A motionless crouching Tiger is practically impossible to detect in an Indian Jungle.

Tiger is considered as the soul of the Indian Jungles. Everything about him generates an unparalleled excitement, be it his pugmarks, territorial markings, his reverberating roar, or his sighting. Despite you wanting it, you will never succeed in forgetting it, such is the enigma of the Tiger. So tracking such a genius in a jungle, who lives, walks, hunts alone is a study in itself.

It requires considerable amount of experience to know the behaviour of the Tiger, his territory, his trails, and his moods. Times have changed over the decades. Tiger tracking was very tough earlier, but now it is relatively easy in some national parks, but not all. There are some parks where tracking a Tiger today is still a great challenge. But the satisfaction you derive in a successful attempt is extremely ego boosting.

If your sole interest is seeing and photographing Tigers, then we provide you various possibilities of doing the same. Which national parks to visit, month of travel, safaris in which zones, are all considered by us when we prepare a tour for you. Last but never the least I always say that enjoy the jungle in it’s entirety, soak in the forest, and love the denizens. Understanding how each species has it’s own language, habits, and how it is understood by other species is simply amazing. By focussing on everything in the forest, you will come out richer from the overall experience, and of course you would have photographed the Tigers too.


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