Weekend Getaway to Jim Corbett National Park

spotted deer at corbett national park

Weekend Getaway to Jim Corbett National Park

The Corbett National Park is located in the Himalayan foothills around 300 kilometres from New Delhi. It is one of India’s first national parks, as well as one of her most beautiful. The parks have a lengthy history dating back to the days when a thriving society resided on the banks of the Ramganga river, and its cultural relics may still be seen in the temples which are in abundance along the banks of the river.

The inhabitants of this community made a living by clearing the forest in the dunes. Until Britishers arrived in this part of India, this forest remained undisturbed and unaltered. This woodland was completely destroyed within a decade after their arrival. The trees were destroyed mercilessly for timber until Major Ramsay took major steps to rescue the forest. He issued a timber cutting licence, dispatched firefighters to put out the forest fire, and even halted farming in some areas.


elephants in corbett national park


The idea of turning this area into a wildlife sanctuary was floated in 1907. Major Jim Corbett, who knew this area like his own backyard, consulted one forest official, E. A. Smythies, about possible limits for a proposed national park. During the 1930s, several viceroys, governors-general, and other dignitaries visited this area — then known as the famous terai and bhabar tracts – to engage in tiger hunting. However, it was due to the efforts of serious environmentalists and those hunters who despised the tiger Sikar as slaughter persuaded Sir Malcolm Hailey, then Governor of the United Provinces, to establish a 256-square-kilometre national park, to which he gladly agreed.

Hemis National Park, India’s first national park, was established on August 8, 1936. After independence in 1952, the park was renamed Ramganga National Park in honour of the park’s life-giving river, Ramganga. However, in 1957, it was renamed Corbett National Park in honour and remembrance of the great hunter-naturalist turned conservationist Jim Corbet. He was also a well-known wildlife photographer and the author of best-selling books on his real-life adventures in the woods.


Weekend Getaway to Jim Corbett National Park


In the 1970s, people became aware of the tigers on the point of extinction, with only approximately 2000 remaining in the forests, therefore Project Tiger was begun at Dhikala in the Corbett National Park with the support of the World Wildlife Fund on April 1, 1973.

Because of its proximity to New Delhi, Corbett National Park is a popular destination for wildlife safaris in India, notably tiger safaris. Other than Corbett, the closest national park is Ranthambhore, which is located in Rajasthan.’

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Reaching Jim Corbett National Park from cities close by


  • New Delhi is the closest international airport to Corbett. Corbett national park is 275 Kms, 6-hour drive from New Delhi.
  • Pantnagar in Uttrakhand is the closest domestic airport to Corbett. It is an 80 Kms, 2-hour drive to Corbett national from Pantnagar. However, flights are from New Delhi right now


  • Ramnagar railway station is the nearest railway station to Corbett National Park. It is 40 Kms, 1-hour drive from Ramnagar railway station to Corbett national park.


  • New Delhi: 275 Kms, 6-hour drive
  • Agra: 350 Kms, 6–7-hour drive



spotted deer at corbett national park


Things to do in and near Corbett National Park

  • Safaris in the different zones of Corbett National Park
  • Birding in Corbett National Park. Corbett has a great variety of bird species and popular among bird watchers.
  • Angling of Golden Mahseer in Ramganga River
  • Birding in Pangot and Sattal near Corbett National Park
  • Visit to Corbett Museum at Kaladhungi
  • Stay inside the perimeter of Corbett National Park (only park which has a range of forest Rest houses that allows you to stay inside national park


Where to stay

Budget option for stay:

  1. Leisure Hotels – Riverview Retreat
  2. Pagoda Manu Maharani
  3. Lemon Tree Corbett
  4. Corbett Machaan Resort

Luxury options for stay:

  1. Taj Corbett Resort & Spa
  2. Corbett Tusker Trail
  3. Jim’s Jungle Retreat
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